Region IX Chapter 77


Sunday August 18 - Tuesday August 20

Technical Session: ASHRAE Learning Institute Course

Course: Advanced Design for Net Zero Buildings

Monday, August 19: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


This advanced course is for professional engineers and architects who want to expand their practice to include the design, construction, and operation of zero energy (net zero) buildings. The course will begin with a definition of such a building. The first principle of zero energy design is to make the building as energy efficient as possible. On-site renewable energy systems will then be added to achieve these efficiency goals. If adequate on-site zero energy is not feasible, then options for off-site renewable energy should be explored. The test for zero energy is at the energy meter, so proper commissioning and operator training are critical to success. The zero energy principles outlined above will be presented with case studies and examples showing how other design professionals have met the zero energy goal.

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