Region IX Chapter 77

Research Promotion Trap Shoot

4/6/2018 from 9 am to Noon

Thank you to our sponsors!



Therm Air Systems

On April 6th the Chapter held its first annual ASHRAE RP Trap Shoot Event. Four teams competed to win the right to call themselves the best trap shooters in the New Mexico HVAC industry. There were some fine shooting displays with Michael Weix of Bridgers and Paxton Consulting Engineers hitting 89 out of 100 opportunities in the preliminary rounds. All in all it was a beautiful day with just enough haze to keep the temperature down and no wind to effect the flight of the clay pigeons. We hope that you will join us in 2019 to continue to support ASHRAE Research.

All proceeds go to Research Promotion and New Mexico Chapter Endowment

Last revised: 08.23.2018
by: Stacey Chan

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