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October 2016 Message from the President

10 Oct 2016 6:40 PM | Anonymous

Dear Members,

As we say farewell to the Balloon Fiesta revelers and welcome in the cool (and economizer friendly) weather of autumn, I would like to update you on the happenings at this summer’s regional conference. Each summer the Chapter Regional Conference (CRC) is hosted by a rotating chapter. This summer the conference was in Omaha Nebraska, home of 2016-2017 ASHRAE Society President, Tim Wentz.

During the 2016 CRC, the New Mexico Chapter was recognized with many awards, almost too many to count! Awards include “Most Improved Chapter” which was awarded thanks to increasing support from the local community! Thank you to everyone who has participated in ASHRAE over the last 3 years! We also received the “Man-Mile Award” which is the award given to the chapter who brought the most people, the most distance total. Usually this award is given to a large chapter because the large chapters bring many people, but this CRC was centrally located and the New Mexico chapter brought many people to attend the meeting. Thank you to all who attended the CRC!

During the CRC the Board is able to meet with other chapter’s officers, regional and even Society delegates to get new ideas and infuse enthusiasm for ASHRAE’s goals. New members of the Board also get training on how to perform their roles on the Board. The Board also conducts the business of ASHRAE by voting on important motions which eventually make it to the Society to be implemented. This year an important motion was passed which allows the Region to sponsor up to 3 ASHRAE members under 35 years old to YEA Leadership Weekend. If you or someone you know are interested in attending YEA Leadership Weekend (a $900 training) free of charge, please contact me at

Another motion which passed this year was adding monitoring of chapter websites to the points system which grades chapter progress. Currently that is not a point which is monitored. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Stacey Chan (current Treasurer), the New Mexico Chapter scored the highest on the compliance scale! If you haven’t visited our website recently, it was upgraded last year:

New Mexico Chapter will host the CRC in August 2019. About 200 Region IX members will descend on Albuquerque to keep the ASHRAE spirit thriving! If you are interested in volunteering or have suggestions for hotels, events, golf, activities or dinners, please contact me at The more ideas we get, the better the CRC will be! I look forward to an outpouring of creativity!

Feel free to e-mail me at with your thoughts and suggestions.

Stephen Forner
NM ASHRAE Presdient

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by: Stacey Chan

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