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Reports Estimate Over 100,000 New HVACR Mechanics and Installers Needed in Next Seven Years Due to Growth and Retirements

22 Sep 2015 11:27 AM | Anonymous

Contact: Kari Arfstrom
Executive Director, HVACR Workforce Development Foundation
Direct: 703.465.1397

Contact: Jodi Scott
ASHRAE Public Relations

Arlington, VA – The HVACR Workforce Development Foundation released three new reports and accompanying executive summary today confirming that demand outstrips the supply of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration employees. In particular, mechanics and installers are in critical shortage in most areas of the nation.  ASHRAE is a member of the Foundation.

Due to the increased growth in the sector and the ongoing retirement of Baby Boomers, HVACR programs in technical and community colleges are not filling the seats available to meet the current and anticipated demand. HVACR employers are having a difficult time filling positions, especially for refrigeration and HVAC technicians, respectively 44 and 36 days longer than the national average of 29 days for similar positions.

“HVACR programs in the U.S. and Canada are seeking new students, whether you are a recent high school graduate, veteran or second-career adult,” said Kari M. Arfstrom, executive director of the HVACR Foundation. “With HVACR certifications or an associate’s degree, new employees can be assured of a solid middle class job that cannot be off shored, is high tech and offers better than average pay.”

Almost half of all mechanics and installers will retire in the next decade according to the new research, but post-secondary HVACR programs are not filling the seats needed to support these jobs. The reports detail the opportunities available for HVACR workers and address the unique issues constraining the pipeline for these roles. Concluding the analysis of supply and demand is the introduction of a North American Plan to reduce the employment gap.

An executive summary of the three reports, The HVACR Workforce: Demand Heats up as Supply Melts Away, is available on the HVACR Foundation’s website  

The summary is based on the three commissioned reports:

  • The Next Generation of HVACR Installers and Technicians: What instructors are saying and what needs to be done, the first-ever survey of instructors in HVACR programs in U.S. and Canada.
  • Heating up: The Sweltering Demand for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Workers, prepared by Burning Glass Technologies.
  • A Labour Market Investigation of the HVACR Sector in Canada, by Prism Economics and Analysis.


About HVACR Workforce Development Foundation
The HVACR Workforce Development Foundation is dedicated to leading an industry effort to develop and promote educational projects, programs, and partnerships to attract committed and skilled employees to a career in HVACR. The Foundation’s objectives are to raise the awareness of the HVACR industry and the importance it plays in daily lives; to create interest in the HVACR industry as an attractive and profitable career choice; and to enhance the quality and quantity of available workforce for the HVACR industry.

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